The Science & Spirit of Ancestral Trauma

The Science & Spirit of Ancestral Trauma

Hello and welcome! This journey of discovering whether we have inherited trauma, which is sometimes called ancestral trauma or intergenerational trauma, can get really deep into both science and spirit.

And that's what intrigued me most about going on this journey and also bringing it to others.

We have the science of, for example, epigenetics and somatics, that are allowing us to see how trauma is stored in the body and also how it can be biologically passed down. There's the biology component, then you have the behavioral component, which is the social learning.

One generation learns, "well this is how it is," and then they parent their children in the same manner and then it keeps going on and on that way. So we have biological and now behavioral. And, there's also an energetic or spiritual piece if we're wanting to look and explore that as well. 

This mini course is just the tip of the iceberg of a few little signs that may indicate that what you're carrying may not be yours to carry.

You may be dealing with some type of struggle or some type of difficulty or issue that just keeps getting passed down in the family.

There's that old expression, "it runs in the family." If you're in this course, then you're probably the pattern shifter or the cycle breaker -- the one that says, "it stops with me."

And when you're done, check out our new course that's called The Science of the Family Curse, which is where we actually get deep into the science, deep into the spirituality and have tools to go and investigate our tree a little bit more to begin to see those patterns and break them.

So, welcome! Thank you for being here and enjoy!

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